Saintfield WwTW, Co. Down

Doran Consulting was appointed by BSG Civil Engineering to this NI Water Design & Build contract for a new 5,600 pe Wastewater Treatment works on the site of the existing works at Saintfield.  As part of the scheme, a small treatment works at Darragh Cross and several septic tanks at Jackson's Crescent near Saintfield were decommissioned and a new pumping station constructed at Darragh Cross to transfer flows to Jackson's Crescent from where a second new pumping station was constructed to operate as an intermediate pumping station to transfer the combined flows onto the new treatment works at Saintfield.

The new treatment works include the newly constructed an inlet works, storm tank, sludge buiffer tank, thickened sludge storage tank, anoxic tank, activated sludge plant, two final settlement tanks, final effluent pumping station, sludge thickening and control building for process control and sanitary provisions. Due to the 7.5mg/l BOD, 15mg/l s/s, 1.5mg/l N standard, tertiary sand filters were also required.