Dromore WwTW, Co. Down

This project was undertaken as part of the Integrated Wastewater Framework for NI Water by Doran Consulting as part of the BSG/ WIS JV for the provision of a new wastewater treatment works at Dromore, Co Down. The site is located on the Lurgan Road, east of Dromore town and adjacent to the River Lagan.

The original Dromore WwTW was constructed in 1982 to serve the population and local industry in the surrounding area and was designed to provide primary and secondary treatment for a population equivalent of 5,500. Due to the ongoing expansion of the town of Dromore, the new works scheme was designed to provide for a population equivalent of 9,000, expandable to 12,000.

In addition to population growth, the new works were necessary to improve the quality of treated sewage and ensure that the quality of the water entering the River Lagan is of an acceptable standard and meets the Urban Waste Water Treatment Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995 and the revised discharge standards set by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, thus preserving the area's natural beauty and flourishing wildlife. To achieve this, the plant utilises Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) Technology and includes screened emergency storm overflow, inlet pumping station, 2-stage inlet screens, storm water storage, sludge thickening plant and holding tank and a new control building.

As part of our sustainable approach to construction, we refurbished and re-used existing assets where it was viable to do so; for example the original Primary Settlement Tank was converted to operate as a catch tank.