Letterbreen WwTW, Co. Fermanagh

This scheme was for a new Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) treatment works with a design population equivalent of 500 on a new site outside the development limits of Letterbreen village, approximately 8km southwest of Enniskillen. The scheme formed part of NI Water's RBC Installation Contract West and South.

The existing percolating filter works was located in the centre of the village and was extremely small and inadequate to serve the increasing population of Letterbreen. Therefore a new works was designed by Doran Consulting to ensure compliance with Urban Waste Water Treatment Regulations (NI) 1995 and the discharge standards set by the NI Environment Agency.

The existing treatment works site in Letterbreen was decommissioned and the flow transferred to the new works via a new section of gravity sewerage installed along the Sligo Road. The new scheme included inlet works screening, storm storage, two primary settlement tanks, two RBCs, two final settlement tanks and a sludge holding tank. A new control building was also provided for process controls, equipment and sanitary provision.