Killymeal House, Gasworks, Belfast

Doran Consulting was commissioned to provide civil and structural engineering design services for this development constructed on the old gasworks site on the Ormeau Road, Belfast.  

Initially the building was designed and constructed as a 4-storey steel framed structure with composite concrete floors supported on piles which were positioned so as not to encroach on existing gasometer bases which had been already been placed at depth.  

We were then commissioned to provide similar services for a further 2 floors to be added to the structure. This involved undertaking structural checks and the design of a new floor, which resulted in a 5-storey structural steel framed building with 2 additional plant-room floors above.

The extension mirrored the existing facades and was made possible by de-rating the live load capacities of all the floors and using steelwork and lightweight timber frames throughout the extension. A new lift was then required for the building, therefore careful consideration had to be given to the existing structure when accommodating this new addition.