Water Treatment

Water Treatment Assessment and Design

The availability of a reliable supply of water is one of the most important determinants of our wellbeing. It is vital that water is adequately treated before being used for domestic supply in order to protect public health.

Doran Consulting's water team aims to help ensure that the quality of water we receive continues to improve through the assessment and design of measures to protect water sources, reliable water treatment plants, economical long term operation and maintenance of these plants and continual quality monitoring. Our previous commissions for this type of work have included the evaluation of existing sites and facilities, the analysis of raw water data, final water requirements, environmental requirements and statutory authority requirements.

Through the implementation of current water treatment practices we aim to ensure compliance or better with EC Directive COM (1998 revised 2001) 388 relating to the quality for human consumption. The treatment processes required to treat a water supply to these standards depend on the pollution that has been discharged to the water and the source of the supply.

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