Shaftesbury Housing Development Bangor

Doran Consulting was appointed to provide civil and structural engineering design services for this new housing development on the Belfast Road in Bangor. Preliminary works involved the extension of an existing culvert on a designated watercourse with 160m of 1650mm diameter circular culvert to facilitate the construction of the new buildings. 

We carried out an investigation into the catchment of the watercourse to ascertain the Q100 flow to allow a culvert of adequate capacity to be constructed. Due to poor ground conditions, the culvert had to be constructed with piled foundations on a reinforced concrete raft. The diameter of the pipe required that in situ concrete manhole chambers and headwalls were also constructed. Prior to construction, the DARD Rivers Agency was consulted and all necessary statutory approvals were obtained.

Structural design services included providing design advice in relation to a 4-storey apartment block. The building was predominantly load bearing masonry construction with a structural reinforced concrete frame over the ground floor parking area. Owing to the poor ground conditions the building was built of reinforced concrete ground beams cast on precast driven concrete piles.