Bennan Park Residential Development

This project consisted of the construction of 20 new dwellings off Ardnoe Avenue, Dundonald for BIH Housing Association. Due to new regulations, level access to the front doors of all houses had to be provided with gentle gradients of 1:20, to be provided where possible to footpaths. Several of the units were designed for wheelchair users. The proposed site was previously occupied by two blocks of flats which had been demolished.

A comprehensive site investigation was required to determine the extent of existing foundations, manholes etc remaining from these flats which were then removed at considerable cost. The disposal of foul and storm water proved to be problematic due to the fact that the nearest Water Service infrastructure low enough to drain all the units was approximately 100m away. The only solution was to run storm and foul sewers down Ardnoe Avenue to the available outfalls.

All proposed roads and sewers will ultimately be adopted by Roads Service and Water Service respectively.