Mayfield Village, Mallusk

Doran Consulting was commissioned to provide road and drainage design services in the central area of this large housing development in Mallusk, Newtownabbey which consists of several hundred houses divided into several phases.

Following consultation with NI Water, it was decided that the foul drainage from the centre of the development would discharge to the system in the east of the development. Liaison was required between the developers, their agents and NI Water to ensure that the foul system would be constructed at the right levels and with the correct pipe diameters. Storm drainage from the site is discharged at several points along the site boundary.

The Rivers Agency was consulted as part of the design process and it was their opinion that increased storm runoff created by a housing development could overload nearby watercourses causing flooding. It was therefore deemed necessary to reduce the future development runoff to a value equal to the present green field runoff. This was achieved with an attenuation system consisting of oversized 1.5m diameter pipes which would hold the additional runoff during a rainfall event and then discharge it gradually to the watercourse through a smaller diameter pipe.

All adoptable roads were designed in accordance with Roads Service requirements and layouts were discussed with Roads Service Development Control prior to drawings being submitted to the Planning Service. In addition, various traffic surveys and consultation with Roads Service resulted in a right turn pocket being provided on the Hydebank Road to accommodate access to the development.