Residential Engineering Design Projects

Doran Consulting has a long history of providing structural and civil engineering design services to both public and private clients on a wide range of residential projects. Our experience includes providing a full range of advice on the development of new-build suburban residential estates and city centre apartment blocks, and purpose-built residential care accommodation with nursing support for older people.

In addition to new-build projects, we also have extensive experience in providing design advice on the refurbishment and change of use of well-known historic buildings, such as the Ormeau Bakery, into modern residential accommodation, whilst maintaining character features of the original building.

We can provide a full range of design services in relation to planning and building a new or refurbishing an existing residential building or estate, including:

  • Site investigations and contaminated land surveys
  • Earthworks, roads and footpaths, foul and storm drainage for new developments
  • Topographical surveys
  • Slope stability analysis and scheme development for geologically sensitive sites
  • Traffic Impact Assessments and traffic planning issues
  • Junction/ roundabout design  
  • Foundation and superstructure design for new developments
  • Structural design input for refurbishment and renovation of existing housing stock


Our Directors also have experience of providing expert witness opinions in relation to Planning Inquiries.

For more information, please contact Ian Long

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