Power and Transmissions

Power and Transmissions Engineering Projects

The primary sources of producing energy in the form of electricity in the UK are combustion of fossil fuels, natural renewables including wind and hydroelectrical, and nuclear power. EU and worldwide targets for reductions in carbon emissions mean that forms of renewable energy are coming increasingly to the fore, with a resultant increased demand for the construction of the necessary renewable energy facilities.

Doran Consulting is at the forefront of the power and transmissions sectors and are proud to have been involved in a range of related landmark projects. In relation to generation of renewable energy, we were appointed Design & Project Managers in relation to the construction of the first bespoke offshore wind installation and pre-assembly facility in the UK at D1 in Belfast harbour. 

Electricity generated from the above sources in the UK is distributed from the source to end-users by the National Grid, which is the high-voltage electrical power transmission network transferring electrical energy generated from power plants to end-users via a system of substations. High-voltage direct-current (‘HVDC’) power transmission projects enable long-distance transmission of electricity via converter stations and an interconnecting overhead or submarine transmission line, connecting national power networks and opening up local electricity markets. Doran Consulting has a specialist knowledge of HDVC projects, having provided a range of design services for both HVDC interconnectors between the islands of Ireland and Great Britain.

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