B9 Anaerobic Digestion Energy Plant, Dungannon

Doran Consulting was appointed to provide civil and structural engineering design services for a new Anaerobic Digestion (“AD”) Plant in Dungannon for Granville Eco-Parks/  B9 Energy. AD is a clean and renewable form of producing energy. The process takes organic plant and animal materials (including food waste), places them in a sealed tank (or digester) where they are digested by naturally occurring micro-organisms, which in turn releases biogas that can be used to generate renewable power, and leftover digestate, which can be used as a fertiliser.

The Dungannon facility has the capacity to intake 50,000 tonnes of organic material (in this case, in the form of commercial and industrial food waste) per annum, in what is one of the most advanced AD systems of its kind in the UK.

A key part of our role in this project was to deliver innovative design and construction techniques that were built around the critical process equipment layouts produced by the process design engineers, Veolia Water. These techniques and design solutions enabled the buildings and external bunded areas to be constructed in time for the process equipment and AD tank delivery to the site.

The facility was delivered successfully on programme, within budget and to the client's satisfaction.