Tully AD Plant

Doran Consulting provided Civil, Structural and CDM services to Stream BioEnergy, for the Tully Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant.

The Tully AD Plant uses nitrogen stripping technology along with the standard anaerobic digestion process, to allow it to be the first AD plant in the world to be fuelled solely by poultry litter.

The Tully facility has the capacity to intake 40,000 tonnes of locally-sourced manure a year, to generate 3MW of renewable electricity.  In addition the plant produces as a by-product safe nutrient-rich fertiliser that can be used by framers.

Doran Consulting was responsible for the design of all earthworks, building structures, support plinths, concrete tanks, retaining wall, site bunds, storm and foul drainage, access roads and a weighbridge for this project.

The Tully AD Plant was named the best Energy Generation project at the Sustainable Ireland Awards 2017.