Rivenhall Integrated Waste Management Facility

Doran Consulting has been appointed by Lagan Construction to undertake the Civil and Structural design for a new Integrated Waste Management Facility at Rivenhall Airfield near Braintree.

The plant will treat over 800,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste per year across a range of on-site facilities. These include a 287,500 tonnes-per-year capacity materials recycling facility, an 85,000-tonne capacity anaerobic digestion plant, a 250,000-tonne capacity MBT plant and a 360,000-tonne capacity de-inking and paper pulping and CHP facilities. Some of the waste would pass through one or more processes within the facility. The plant will generate power on-site for the de-inking and pulping paper facility as well as exporting it to the National Grid.


The CHP facility was recently one of 27 renewable energy projects awarded a ‘contract for difference’ by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) in the government’s £315 million auction to support delivery of green infrastructure in the UK. The plant will generate power on-site for the de-inking and pulping paper facility as well as exporting it to the National Grid.





  • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental review of existing information.
  • Scoping and preparation of additional ground investigation package (if required), guidance on monitoring requirements and testing.
  • Interpretation of geotechnical test results.
  • Development of foundation solutions including perimeter retaining walls.
  • Liaison with specialist sub-contractors in regard to development and implementation of the foundation solutions (piling, ground improvement, ground anchors etc)


Civil Engineering

  • Preparation of Foundation solutions to EFW, ACC’S,WWTP, AD plant, MRF, MBT and RCP areas, the Voith paper pulping plant, and the main hanger roof structure. This shall include design of pits, ducts, pile caps, pad foundations, rafts, plinths etc required to satisfy the design.
  • Preparation of ground improvement/piling/anchor layouts and preliminary design/specification (detailed design by Specialist Sub- Contractor).
  • Preparation of external hardstandings, road/footway layouts, kerbing layouts etc.
  • Preparation of tracking layouts to prove adequacy of internal and external road network.
  • Preparation of all necessary details as required for construction (drainage, roads/hardstandings, kerbs etc)
  • Design of any road embankments/cuttings for incoming access roads, bunds etc.
  • Design of site storm, foul and process water drainage scheme (pipe sizes, manholes, falls, interceptors, pumping stations, gullies and drainage channels etc).
  • Design of WWTP plant / AD plant.
  • Preparation of drainage layouts, sections, typical details and manholes/channel schedules.
  • Preparation of finished site-level drawings, road falls etc.
  • Preparation of site fencing layouts and details.
  • Analysis of site cut/fill volumes and balance.


Structural Engineering

  • Preparation of ground floor slab layouts and typical details. Liaison with slab designers, co-ordination of slab layouts with process equipment, pits, trenches, drainage etc. (detailed slab design by Specialist Sub- Contractor)
  • Design of primary and secondary steelwork elements in accordance with the structural, architectural and process layouts, to EFW plant, ACC’s, WWTP, AD plant, MBT, MRF, RCP and Voith paper plant areas.
  • Design of hanger roof steelwork (primary and secondary) and associated works.
  • Co-ordination of all process requirements with primary/secondary steelwork and concrete structures, including third party requirements for the Voith paper plant.
  • Design of concrete structures including internal bunkers, pits, bunds, push walls, tank bases, flue bases, weighbridge structures, mezzanine floors, lift shafts, access stairs, gantries, pipework supports etc.
  • Design of green roof systems, structural waterproofing to pits, slabs etc.
  • Provision of design intent for temporary works, sequence of construction, etc.
  • Integration and design of tower crane bases.
  • Preparation of Reinforced concrete drawings and bar schedules for all reinforced concrete elements.
  • Liaison with statutory bodies in regard to Building Control certification process.
  • Production of As-Built drawings and information as necessary for inclusion in the Building Manuals.



  • Production of all information will adopt BIM technology, utilising REVIT and CIVILS 3D technology to produce digital models of the works.
  • Production of all necessary 2D drawings required to construct the works.
  • Integration of structural BIM model with architectural, M&E, steelwork fabrication and process engineering models, to aid in project coordination and clash detection.
  • Use of BIM technology to aid in take-off of quantities, and estimating procedures.
  • Input into phasing and construction sequencing of the works, including the potential for Navisworks planning software integration at the contractor’s request.
  • Continual liaison with contractors design team, process designers and client.
  • Production of As-Built drawings and information as necessary for inclusion in the Building Manuals.
  • Completion of AS-BUILT REVIT model.