Moray East Sub-Station Enablement Works

Doran Consulting were appointed to provide Civil Engineering services for the design of enablement works, facilitating the future development of the Moray East sub-station, located at New Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The works are to be constructed across a 28-hectare Greenfield site, with a challenging sloped topography, overhead electricity lines and adjacent watercourse(Burn of Asleid).

Our scope of services includes the following elements:


  • As Lead Consultant (Civil Engineer) development of the project through RIBA Stage 1 (Brief) to Stage 5 (Construction)
  • Design of major earthworks regime (cut-fill) to establish platforms on which to develop the sub-station infrastructure, together with ponds to serve storm water drainage and store fire water.
  • Earthworks design to achieve a cut/fill balance.
  • Material Management planning including topsoil management strategy.
  • Design of stormwater drainage infrastructure to serve future localised site drainage, which included sewerage, oil interception and attenuation storage.
  • Development of earthworks management plan and earthworks specification/testing regime.
  • Flood risk appraisal.
  • Design of site access road and junction.
  • Traffic engineering services, including review of Construction vehicle access and delivery routes.
  • Engagement with statutory authorities with regard to the management of environmental
  • risks and planning conditions and delivering works within the context of legislative requirements/constraints.