Milltown Stream Drainage Scheme, Co. Down

A series of feasibility studies were carried out and concluded with the recommendation that works along the Milltown Stream (Warrenpoint) should be carried out due to an increased flooding risk because of new and proposed development areas. Two sections of work were proposed, the first being through the small hamlet of Burren and the second being further downstream along the Mound Road adjacent to the Newry River.  Doran Consulting was appointed by DRD Rivers Agency in relation to the detailed design stage and construction stage of the works.

Design for the works included a topographical survey, calculation of return period, storm discharges, culvert capacities and identification of ground conditions and existing services. The scheme involved the construction of approximately 360m, 200m and 500m of 900mm, 1200mm and 1650mm diameter reinforced concrete culverts respectively, as well as standard and drop manholes, inlet and outlet structures and reinstatement.

An innovative design for the downstream works was devised which entailed building an inlet structure that could maintain an extra head of water, thereby driving storm discharge through a pressure-system culvert into the Newry River, even during high tide. This alteration to the original design proposed in the feasibility studies saved substantial construction costs. All inlet structures were designed to redirect any storm flow into the culvert system whilst maintaining a dry weather flow in the original stream system at all times.