Coastal Protection

Coastal Protection Design

Coastal protection is of national importance as coastal erosion and resultant flooding can cause serious disruption, posing a significant risk to human life and causing severe financial losses for local communities where the local natural and built environment is damaged.

Doran Consulting has been involved in numerous feasibility studies and detailed design of coastal management projects, in particular on both the east coast and west coast of Ireland. We have experience of providing design advice in relation to a wide range of coastal defence options, ranging from the more traditional rock armour solutions to the more modern precast concrete absorption devices.

We have worked in a variety of locations, both nationally and internationally, with their own challenges, such as carrying out inspection and remedial works on the Bleach Green to Whitehead railway line sea defences, which had to be carried out to suit tides and train timetables. Our international experience includes providing civil and structural engineering design advice in relation to the protection of the runway at Point Salines (now known as Maurice Bishop) Airport in Grenada, which runs alongside the coast.

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