Power Stations

Nuclear Power Stations Engineering Design

Nuclear power stations currently provide approximately 13% of the world's electricity, and as of 2013, there are over 400 operational nuclear power reactors globally, with a further 68 nuclear power reactors currently under construction. Nuclear power is a sustainable energy source producing low levels of carbon and greenhouse gases, comparable to those produced by other forms of renewable energy.

Doran Consulting was commissioned to provide design input over a 5 year period for the UK’s only commercial pressurised water reactor power station at Sizewell B. This commission included the design and on-site supervision of the erection of over 4,000 tonnes of supporting steelwork, for what has proved to be a lasting structure, as Sizewell B’s current operator is planning a 20 year life extension for the plant past its current proposed closure date. The company also provided similar design services in relation to a nuclear power plant in Guangdong, Peoples Republic of China, which is equipped with two reactors.

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