Industrial & Plant Engineering Projects

Doran Consulting has a long history of providing a range of civil and structural engineering design advice on traditional and niche industrial buildings and plant areas; from factory sites, industrial warehousing structures and fuel tank installations to highly specialised high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) electricity interconnectors between Ireland and Great Britain; in both inland and coastal locations.

A range of design services is provided in relation to industrial sites including ground stabilisation and piled foundations suited to various ground types including soft alluvial clays, and heavy duty pavement construction. Industrial buildings on the sites are designed in steel framework and reinforced concrete, with special features as required including load-bearing crane gantries, necessary pipelines, bunding walls and ground slabs for fuel installations and stringent, reliable earthing mechanisms in the case of the HVDC electricity convertor stations.

We also provide advice on all related civil engineering aspects for industrial sites including road layouts, foul and storm drainage and associated manholes and diversion of watermains. 

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