Primary Care

Health and Wellbeing Centre Engineering Design

Recent innovations in healthcare have led to a more streamlined approach to routine, non-critical, day-to-day services. In the Belfast area, these services have been rationalised under a ‘one stop’ approach by the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust with the establishment of several Health & Wellbeing Centres, which bring together in a single location treatment, care and information services which would previously have been provided at a number of sites throughout the local area.

Doran Consulting has been at the forefront of this new era in healthcare having provided structural, civil and traffic engineering design services for 3 of the 7 new Health & Wellbeing Centres in Belfast. All the structures were new-build and offer not only the latest in state-of-the-art primary care facilities, but also have been built to the highest environmental standards, with Beech Hall Wellbeing & Treatment Centre in particular receiving several high ratings for the sustainability of the building.

We also provided the same range of services for the Omagh Hospital Complex, which has established a ‘heath village’ consolidating a range of services on a single site, enabling the provision of integrated health and social care to the local community.

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