Hydroelectric Engineering Design Service

Hydroelectric power stations in the United Kingdom account for approximately a fifth of the UK’s renewable energy generating capacity, which is becoming of increasing importance with EU targets for reductions in carbon emissions leading to the promotion of forms of renewable energy.

Doran Consulting has been involved in a number of hydroelectric projects, providing a full range of services from site identification through to the completion of construction and plant commission including identifying and assessing the feasibility of potential sites for hydroelectric developments, system costing, energy output estimation, economic assessment, environmental impact assessments, detailed design, tendering, procurement and construction site supervision services on the realisation of projects.

We have provided these services for a range of low-head run-of-the river hydroelectric developments throughout Northern Ireland, including the provision of new and upgrade of existing turbines; and also for a range of high-head hydroelectric pressure systems operating of water storage impoundments throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland, on installations with heads ranging from 14m to in excess of 100m utilising extensive lengths of underground pressure pipeline.

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