Doran Consulting & the Woodland Trust Unite to Plant Trees in Belfast

03 March 2023
Tree Planting

This week, Doran Consulting and the Woodland Trust have teamed up to make a positive impact in our community. Our team at Doran Consulting planted 150 trees at Glas-na-Bradan Wood. These trees will help to create a new native woodland, providing a habitat for wildlife, improving air quality, and enhancing the natural environment.

The Woodland Trust is a leading conservation charity in the UK that aims to protect, restore, and create woodlands. The organization's efforts focus on creating new native woodlands, protecting ancient woodland, and restoring damaged woods. The Woodland Trust's work contributes to reducing carbon emissions, protecting wildlife habitats, and improving the natural environment.

Glas-na-Bradan Wood is a beautiful and historic site, and it has been earmarked by the Woodland Trust for restoration and enhancement. The wood is situated on the southern slopes of the Belfast Hills, and it offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

At Doran Consulting, we are committed to sustainability and making a positive impact in our community. We are proud to have partnered with the Woodland Trust to help create new native woodlands in the Belfast Hills. We believe that our actions today can have a positive impact on our planet's future, and we are excited to see the impact of this initiative on our local community..